1. Do you allow pets/children into the brewery? Yes we do! Please make sure they are well behaved. 

2. Can I get a tour? We occasionally book private tours for groups of 6 or more. Email info@rougeriverbrewery.com for more info. 

3. Do you book the space for private events? We certainly do, email info@rougeriverbrewery.com for booking and pricing information. 

4. Do you have food? We offer a limited menu of charcuterie boards and potato chips in house, but you are welcome to bring in your own food if you wish, order in your own food (pizza, uber eats, skip the dishes, etc.), or get food from the food truck (That Sangweech Truck) [Edit- the food truck is currently on a hiatus at the brewery]

5. Which beers do you have on tap/ in the bottle shop? Please see the 'bottleshop/taproom list' tab on the main page for our current availability. If you're making a long trip to see us feel free to call us to get an idea of what might be running low. 

6. Do you fill growlers? We are not huge fans of the growler format, so we take a half measure approach by not selling empty growlers but filling other breweries' growlers if you bring them in well cleaned. If you do have a growler make sure to drink it within 2 days of filling and finish the same day as opening. 

7. Do you take reservations? No we do not. If you are coming with a large group, try to show up early to guarantee a spot. Otherwise you may have to split up, or there is plenty of standing room as well. 

8. Do you serve anything other than beer in your tasting room? Our focus is on serving the beers we make in house, but yes we serve wine and limited spirits, but the selection is limited to just a handful of each (2 red wines, 2 white wines and 2 scotches). Also we do not serve mixed drinks.