Now Open as Markham's First Craft Brewery

We can now serve pints in our tasting room! Visit us and try the beers we have available in our tasting room and for sale to take home. 

Current Bottle Shop Availability:

NEW- Autumn IPA (American IPA 6.5% abv.)

Rise of the Planet of the APAs (American Pale Ale 6.0% abv.)

Holy Trinity IPA (American IPA 7.2% abv.)

Cherry Sour (kettle sour w/cherry puree 5.0% abv.)

Forgot About Drei w/ Loral (Dry Hopped Brett Pale Ale 6.0% abv.) 

Autumn Pale Ale (American Pale Ale 5.7% abv.)

Ontario Rakau Wet Hop Pale Ale (American Pale Ale 5.8% abv.)

Still Drei (Brett IPA 7.2% abv.)

Currently ON TAP 

Autumn IPA (American IPA 6.5% abv.)

Rise of the Planet of the APAs (American Pale Ale 6.0% abv.)

Holy Trinity IPA (American IPA 7.2% abv.)

Cherry Sour (kettle sour w/cherry puree 5.0% abv.)

Never Say Never (Russian Imperial Stout 12.5% abv.) -Draught only

Forgot About Drei w/ Loral (Dry Hopped Brett Pale Ale 6.0% abv.) 

Our Mission

We are very excited to be Markham's first craft brewery. You can expect hop forward American-style ales, sour beers, as well as Belgian Farmhouse-style ales,

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50 Bullock Drive Unit 8, Markham, Ontario L3P 3P2

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Wednesday 5pm-9pm

Thursday 5pm-9pm

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm


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More Info/Tasting notes on our currently available beers:

Rise of the Planet of the APAs (6.0% ABV) 36 IBU (American Pale Ale)

Our latest Planet of the APAs is made with a combination of US Ekuanot and German Hallertau Blanc hops for a unique combination of grapefruit and resin/pine with melon and white grape notes. The malt base is fairly neutral, with mostly Canadian 2-row with a touch of premium English malt and just a hint of wheat for body. This beer finishes very dry and crisp, begging the drinker for just one more sip.

Malts: Canadian 2-row, German Light Crystal, Wheat Malt, Oats

Hops: Chinook, Ekuanot, Hallertau Blanc

Yeast: Foggy London Ale

Holy Trinity IPA (7.2% ABV) 45 IBU (American IPA)

This IPA features what we call the Holy Trinity of hops: Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra. These hops have come to define the modern IPA style with their pungent tropical and citrus character so we decided to combine their superpowers into one beer. Turns out we never need an excuse to make another new IPA, and this is the style of IPA that we like to drink all year long, no matter the weather, no matter the season.

Malts: Canadian 2-row, English Pearl Malt, Canadian Wheat Malt

Hops: Chinook, Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe

Yeast: Foggy London Ale

Cherry Sour (5.0% ABV) 2IBU (Kettle Sour w/Fruit)

Our latest sour features montmorency tart cherry puree for a wonderful pink colour and a great aroma of cherry. We’ve used German pilsner malt which lends a light crackery grain character and we add wheat and oats for additional body. 

Malts: German Pilsner, Canadian Wheat, English Oats

Hops: Glacier, Newport

Yeast: Escarpment Lacto Blend, Foggy London Ale

Forgot About Drei (w/Loral) (6/0% ABV) 30 IBU (Dry Hopped Brett Pale Ale) 

This batch of Forgot About Drei features the Loral hop. This hop has a unique blend of new and old world character for a blend of herbal and floral notes with some lemon character. A blend of rye, wheat, oats and spelt gives this beer a rustic malt character while still finishing dry.

Malts: Belgian Pilsner, Canadian Wheat, German Rye Malt, Canadian Oats, German Spelt Malt

Hops: Chinook, Loral

Yeast: Brett Drei

Autumn IPA (6.5% ABV) 45 IBU (American IPA)

Our newest IPA features a combination of US Amarillo hops and Australian Enigma hops for notes of apricot, red berry and a hint of pine. We combine Canadian and English malt base malt for additional malt complexity, as well as a touch of caramel malt to give a slightly amber hue as well as a touch of sweetness.

Malts: Canadian 2-row, English Golden Promise Malt, Canadian Wheat Malt, English Oats, English Medium Caramel

Hops: Chinook, Amarillo, Enigma

Yeast: Foggy London Ale

Autumn Pale Ale ( 5.7%ABV) 30 IBU (American Pale Ale)

This pale ale features a blend of Australian and American hops, this time featuring US Simcoe and AU Vic Secret. This beer pours a hazy light amber colour and has an intense pineapple aroma and the flavour follows with tropical fruit salad and a hint of pine on the finish. The base malt is 100% premium English Golden Promise to give this beer a slightly more substantial malt character and a small amount of caramel malt gives some colour and a hint of toffee flavour.

Malts: English Golden Promise, Canadian Wheat, English Oats. English Light/Medium Crystal

Hops: Chinook,  Simcoe, Vic Secret

Yeast: Foggy London Ale

Still Drei (7.2% ABV) 57 IBU (Brett IPA/ Farmhouse IPA)

This brettanomyces fermented IPA features a unique blend of new and old world hops for a complex blend of herbal old world hop character mixed with tropical and citrus new world hop character. It was primary fermented with London ale yeast and secondary fermented for a couple of months with Brett.

Malts: Canadian 2 row, Canadian Wheat, Canadian Wheat Flakes, English Oats, German Rye Malt, Honey Malt

Hops: Chinook, Citra, Amarillo, Loral, Crystal

Yeast: Foggy London Ale, Brett Brux var. Drei

Rakau Wet Hop Pale Ale (5.8 ABV) 37 IBU (American Pale Ale)

A seasonal one-off, our Rakau Wet Hop Pale Ale has an extreme hopping rate of about 10kg/hl or 25 lbs/bbl for an intense fresh hop character. The aroma has notes of freshly cut grass with some delicate floral and citrus notes. The flavour follows with some grapefruit and floral notes, and finishes clean. A high proportion of wheat adds to a pillowy mouthfeel. If you’re tired of very subtle and barely discernable hop character in wet hop beers, this one is for you.

Malts: Canadian 2-row, Canadian Wheat, English Light Crystal

Hops: Chinook, Ontario grown Rakau (from Tavistock Hop Farms)

Yeast: Foggy London Ale